Custom Designs

Below are examples of some of the custom work that has been done:

Custom Cranes

Origami Cranes custom tank top

Custom application of my original design, the Origami Cranes. I love these racer back tanks, especially in the blood orange color. They have a nice texture and it shows through the designs perfectly.

I Heart Richard Parker

I Heart Richard Parker T shirt

A new custom design for a client - "I heart Richard Parker" (an allusion to Life of Pi) on a blood orange v-neck T. This design was commissioned by a client who wanted a memoir for the memorable character from the book by Yann Martel, and specifically asked for the iconic I <3 design and how many colors to use.

Custom Hawk Jeans

Hawk Jeans

After designing these jeans I decided to incorporate the Hawk Design into my full line because I liked how well it turned out.

White Dress

White Dress

This beautiful dress was brought in with a few stains on it that were cleverly covered up with a smaller versions of the dress's existing floral print.

Bat Mitzvah Shirt

Batmitzvah Shirt

This shirt was designed to match the party's invitation design, which happened to be a scroll/floral design with pink, black, and gray. The design was placed so that it couldn't be seen when a jacket was worn over it, but would be "revealed" when it came time to lose the jacket and get the party going.

Maui Channel Swim

Maui Channel Shirt

Designed a logo for my teammates who went to Maui to do the Maui Channel swim, a 6-person relay, covering about 10 miles. They made team shirts that they had digitally printed, as well as a banner.

Custom Jeans

Custom Jeans

Custom Jeans are one of our most popular items. The process is very labor intensive and designs intricate. As pictured here, the design typically wraps one leg in a contrasting color. Designs are priced based on complexity, starting at $120 and the customer must supply
the jeans.